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Club Closed
Advance warning that the club will be closed on Monday 2nd May and then on Monday 30th May and Thursday 2nd June. Normal training will resume on Monday 6thJune.

Club Competition
Our club competition will be held, on the Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th May. Only our club can enter so take part and get some experience. We'll probably be starting at 6:30 on both nights.

Presentation Night
The highlight of the club year, our annual presentation night, will be held on Friday 27th May at Easington HMS Victory Club.

Annual Federation Competition
The Annual Federation Competition will be held on Saturday 25th March at Isle of Man. Another superb weekend was had by all those that travelled to the Isle of Man for the Federation Competition, which this year is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary. Huge congratulations to all that competed over the weekend, and in my eyes every one of them is a winner, as they stepped up to the mark and competed to the best of their ability! News on next year's competition will follow as soon as possible

Club grades date will be held on Monday ? th November, and if necessary Thursday ? th July. Completed Grade Application Form with Licence and appropriate Fee to be paid by th .

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Grade Structure

Grades in Peterlee Martial Arts Club are awarded after successfully passing a formal grading in front of a panel of dan grade instructors. Before grading, a student must have the required attendance. A minimum of 4 months is required between mon and kyu level gradings.

white belt White belt (beginner)

1st mon 1st Mon

2nd mon 2nd Mon

3rd mon 3rd Mon

4th mon 4th Mon

5th mon 5th Mon

6th mon 6th Mon

7th mon 7th Mon

8th mon 8th Mon

9th mon 9th Mon

10th mon 10th Mon


Mon grades are for students under the age of 11 who are not quite ready for the "full" grades. It is an incentive for the students in the Junior section until the student is ready to advance to Kyu grades. If real potential is shown during a Mon grading it is possible to be assessed at a higher level ("jump grades").
Students must wait at least 4 months between gradings with a minimum of 50% attendance.

9th kyu 9th Kyu

8th kyu 8th Kyu

7th kyu 7th Kyu

6th kyu 6th Kyu

5th kyu 5th Kyu


4 months time is required in each grade with at least 50% attendance

4th kyu 4th Kyu (Assistant Instructor)

3rd kyu 3rd Kyu

2nd kyu 2nd Kyu

1st kyu 1st Kyu (Sempai)


At least 75% attendance is required for Assistant Instructor gradings (4th-1st Kyu) with a minimum of 4 months between gradings

1st dan 1st Dan (Black Belt)

2nd dan 2nd Dan

3rd dan 3rd Dan

4th dan 4th Dan

5th dan 5th Dan

6th dan 6th Dan


In many people's eyes a black belt is the top of the tree. However it is simply the start of the next level in the art. Gradings cover practically every area of Karate - basic techniques, three- and one-step sparring, stances, knife defences, kata (forms), free fighting and more.

1 year is required between 1st Kyu and 1st Dan gradings, with 2 years between 1st and 2nd Dan gradings and 3 years between 2nd and 3rd Dan gradings. Grades higher than 3rd dan are awarded without a formal grading after a set period of time.

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